Geld Verdienen Online 200-500€/Tag – Earning 200 – 500 euros online daily in 2023 is not unrealistic. With the right approach and determination, earning up to €100, €200 or even €500 per day is possible. Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing income or start a full-time online business, there are plenty of ways to make money online.

There are many ways to earn 200 euros or more online. They range from completing opinion surveys to blogging, crypto trading, or building an affiliate marketing business.

It’s worth noting that while reaching the $500 per day mark may require a significant investment of time and effort, for most people, earning up to $100 or $200 per day is more attainable. It is why it is a good idea to first generate passive income through the €100 and €200 options before attempting to make €500 per day.

Buy Trending Cryptos and Sell them for Profit

Buy Trending Cryptos and Sell them for Profit

Although making money with crypto trading is subject to certain risks, this type of additional income can be particularly lucrative and surprise investors who want to earn 100 euros a day online with high profits.

No equipment required: Investors can buy new cryptocurrencies with potential without purchasing special equipment. Trading is possible around the clock on various trading exchanges. For example, if you want to invest in Wall Street memes, you can buy the new token via laptop, PC, or smartphone on the official presale platform.

Use growth potential: New cryptocurrencies are popular on the market and receiving. The team behind Wall Street Memes was also able to turn over USD 9 million in the presale, which indicates upward solid potential after the end of the presale.

Track trends: Whether AI or metaverse, investors should monitor trends. Our Wall Street Memes forecast is optimistic because the developers combine their social media community of over a million people with trending memes from the financial sector. Elon Musk has also already shared the Wall Street Memes tweets, which could bring further attention to the project.

Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can generate a regular passive income. In affiliate marketing, advertising links or banners are placed on your website, which leads to a product range for the advertiser. You take on the role of affiliate and integrate a relation to an offer. This link leads directly to the respective shop or service by clicking. You will receive a commission if the visitor has made an order on the target page.

As a rule, you should have a blog for this activity. Ideally, you choose products or services that are thematically related to your blog. Such partner programs are offered by Amazon, for example. Amazon has the advantage that it has countless products. It would help if you inquired in advance because the commissions can differ.

Would you like to earn EUR 200-500/day? In this case, your range and reputation depend on how successful you can make € 200-500/day. The more successful your blog is, the more you are perceived as an expert, and the more people you can draw attention to your content.

Accordingly, there is a likelihood that the products will be acquired, and you will receive a commission.

Opinion Place

Opinion Place is part of the global market research group Survey Sampling International. There are currently more than 700,000 members active on the portal. Here the surveys are sent by email or can also be accessed directly in your account.

Payment is made in the form of money, vouchers for Amazon or gift cards from iTunes.

  • Large selection – Huge number of new surveys every month
  • Many payment options – payment via PayPal, voucher, directly to your account or credit card

Virtual Assistance for Business People

Virtual Assistance for Business People

Another way to make money online is virtual assistance. The days when every boss had a secretary or assistant working in an on-site office are now over. More and more entrepreneurs are discovering the advantages of virtual assistance. As part of this activity, telephone calls are answered, emails are written, billing is carried out, appointments are arranged, and presentations are prepared just a few examples.

The advantage is that virtual assistance can be carried out not just by one person but by several people who can divide the individual areas of responsibility among themselves.

Earning money online with virtual assistance is not only possible but also lucrative. The earnings vary and depend on the specific areas of responsibility. It won’t be 200-500 euros per day, but 200- 500 euros per week could be possible.

Become An Influencer on YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok

For many people, being an influencer is a dream job. They think it’s easy to earn €200-500/day this way. Although this is possible in principle, the path to get there is very long and often rocky.

Every aspiring influencer should be able to make good videos. It is the only way they will inspire many people. Finding a topic that can inspire a broad audience is also essential. How much an influencer can earn ultimately depends on how many clicks each video receives.

On YouTube, advertising plays a prominent role, while on Instagram and TikTok, it is primarily recommendations and sponsored posts that are important.

Test Websites or Computer Games

Many new websites are tested extensively before they go online. Not only experts but also normal users are in demand. Here is the opportunity for people who want to make money online. 200-500€/day is not realistic unless you have developed into a true expert. Nevertheless, these “playful” tasks can be fascinating.

You are given various tasks and must. The testers are then credited with a fee, the amount of which is determined in advance.

If you like gaming, you can also try out computer games. Here, paying attention to possible errors in the game, the instructions, or the game structure is essential. Only when everything is in order will the game be released for sale. Individuals interested in this activity must be attentive and able to document all details thoroughly.

Online Courses – Webinars or Tutoring

Online Courses – Webinars or Tutoring

Earning money online is possible in various ways. If you have the specific specialist knowledge you would like to pass on to others, you can make money online with courses, webinars, or tutoring students.

For courses or webinars, producing the system just once and putting it online is usually sufficient. Anyone interested can purchase this course. Every time this happens, the person who created the system can make money online.

The Most Important Rules for Beginners

If you want to start an online business, follow a few other rules. These are the following:

Rule 1: Under no circumstances should the online entrepreneur use money that he needs to live on or that does not belong to him as start-up capital.

Rule 2: Gut feeling is a good guide. If a page or product seems strange, the user should avoid it.

Rule 3: Even young companies that promise quick money, for example, that you can earn money online for 200 – 500 €/day without effort, are rather lousy business partners.

Rule 4: If you are still working in a permanent job, you should never quit too quickly. After all, the person concerned does not know how their income will develop over an extended period.


Making money online is a popular topic, and there are many ways to earn a good income online. In this article, we’ve explored some of the best ways to make money online and provided some tips on maximizing your earning potential. Whether the goal is to create a little extra cash or earn a full-time income online, many options are available.

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