What is 11:59 PM?

Considering the 12-hour scheme, the AM indicator is a retro starting at night-time (00:00) until 11:59. At the same time, the PM pointer begins at noon, pending 11:59 at night.

What are PM and AM?

AM and PM are two abbreviations of Latin origin, Bet Meridiem, which in Spanish incomes beforehand noon, and Post Meridiem. Which translated into Spanish is p.m. Both acronyms are rummage-sale to refer to the 12-hour eras into which the day is divided.

Is it 11:59 pm or in the Morning?

Is it 11:59 pm or in the Morning?

11:59 p.m., they are of the night

12:59 p.m. are the last minute of the present day,

1:00 am the start of the following day, even if you haven’t been absent from sleeping.

That will depend on how the face of your watch is shaped; if you have 12 hours, it can be one of the two options; if you have 24 hours, it is clearly in the morning.

What Time is the Evening and when is the Nightly?

Well, this is quite a cultural subject. In Spanish, “afternoon” is a period from the end of lunchtime until dinner time arrives. Throughout this period, an excellent afternoon greet. And it is even mutual to say decent morning at a time comparable to three in the evening, adding as a clarification: we haven’t eaten yet. Good afternoon. Suppose you haven’t eaten or are not very close to dinner. Good night is usually said when you have already had dinner in Spain and when saying goodbye to go to sleep. Even if it’s dark, you are still around.

However, other languages ​​differentiate between two eras in the afternoon, such as English, which calls afternoon the retro from lunch to leaving work and evening after leaving a job until time to retire, keeping the Good greeting night to say cheerio at a time to retire.

What does it mean by Congenital at 11:59 AM?

Hello, you must consult someone seriously. I work as an Astrologer, and in adding to these data, we use the period organize and the place of natal galaxy coordinate to calculate the birth diagram and thus understand the person’s purpose: his volumes, mental construction, etc.

What have you fantasized of Past Nightly?

I have been just from, and I consume still fantasize about this job of the pit that has been working with me for 25 years. It makes sense, the imprint is a lot in my brain, I don’t feel bad, far from it, I have a lot to thank for my company and in my life, but please, that dreams jokey be more pleasant: On very Periods, I lose approximately or my table. I always go down the hall; I lost; today, I think my boss told me to buy a house for myself that was on sale, etc. And also, I said ¡¡for my wife and me, with my apartment, we partake plenty! Then with the car, I always lose my way, I can’t find the way where I have to go, or I don’t know where I parked the exact vehicle. It doesn’t stock; I’m glad it left an excellent hallmark on my understanding.

Does noon Go to the Same Night, or does it fit the Beginning of the Next Day?

At emergence the next day. You can crisscross it with a supercomputer; when 11:59 is marked, the calendar automatically moves to another day.

Then we consume the sidereal day, which tops at about 23 hours and 56 minutes. It’s a pleasanter definition.


Taking into explanation the 12-hour system, the stands pointer is a period starting at night (00:00) until 11:59. At the same time, the PM needle begins at midday (midnight) until 11:59 at night. The 12-hour system used in numerous republics, such as Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, New York, Austria, and London.

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