Easy and Simple: 7 Cool Habits That Will Change Your Life – Starting a new life is never easy because it requires determination, perseverance, willpower, and discipline. And change requires time, space, and energy that you have to dedicate to it. If you’re determined to unleash a new, better version of yourself in 2024, start with these six habits that will help you create the climate for any positive transformation.

Wake up Early

Larks will attest: the early morning hours are a period of productivity. If you’re not finding time for your grand plans, try waking up early on both weekdays and weekends. The morning hours belong to you and your new projects. And to wake up early in a good mood, it’s important to go to bed no later than 11pm and not overload yourself with social media, YouTube, and gambling at https://ivibet.com/no before bed.

Have a Clear Schedule for the Week

Run through your schedule with a realist’s eye, and you’ll realize that you need to find room in your old schedule for new life. Every Saturday or Sunday, make a schedule for the week ahead and enter by the hour all the important and enjoyable things you want to get done. Be sure to include travel time, and for more adequate calculations, include vacation time in the plan as well.

Visualize Your Own Projects

Visualize the future in colors and pictures. This advice really works because it’s based on the principle of searching for associations. When we are vague about our desires, we don’t realize which way to go. “I want to have an interesting job” — does that phrase suggest career options? Plan your future the way the creators write movie scripts: in detail, with budget calculations, and with clarification of major and minor roles.  

Know How to Set Small Goals

Learn to move in tiny steps, and you will practically realize how easy it is to introduce new habits into your life. If you change the course of an airplane by just a couple of degrees, you’ll end up in the wrong place a few hours later. It’s the same with our daily lives: introduce positive changes into them just a little at a time and gradually eliminate everything you want to get rid of.  

Take Care of Your Health and Energy Levels

Have you taken on a new project and increased your workload? If so, add an extra hour of sleep. Have you started exercising more? Increase the amount of protein in your diet so you have the energy to exercise. During times of change, be especially aware of any anxiety triggers, which include alcohol, reading the news, compulsive shopping, and social media scrolling.  

Don’t React to Everything at Once

Of course, sometimes a decision needs to be made as soon as possible. But this does not apply to all aspects of life. Remember: you don’t have to react quickly to requests and suggestions from others, and you don’t have to agree right away. It is better to think carefully and then give a response. Two useful phrases that can help you do this are “I’ll think about it” and “I’ll let you know.”

Voicing Obstacles

As you transform your routine, be aware of your own reactions to what’s going on. You can’t get rid of all obstacles, but by acknowledging their existence, you’ll find it easier to overcome them. Explain difficult situations to yourself as if you were talking to a child: Today I am sad because I have worked hard this week and my condition is the result of fatigue. Allow yourself, in the most difficult moments, to postpone some minor tasks for later or delegate them to others because it’s unlikely that you will be able to be everywhere.