What are Boat Pods?

When it comes to getting into the truly wireless life, it might be either too expensive if you want to purchase genuinely wireless earphones from brands like Sony, Apple, Bose, and more, or it might not be worth it if you are going in for cheap Air Pods knock-offs. We found some balance with the Realm Buds Air. However, that might be too expensive at Rest 4,000 for some people to invest.

The India-based audio company, the boat with its Air Dopes 201, appears to have launched one of the perfect truly wireless earbuds for the people who do not want to spend much but at the matching period do not want to compromise on the quality.

Boat Pods 201

The boat Pods201 has a sleek look. Boat focuses on keeping the design compact, which helps them not stick out of the user’s ears. These come with a button on the exterior of each earbud to control them. However, the controllers cannot do much and can play or pause music or accept and disconnect phone calls.

Boat Pods 411 Design and Specifications

Each earbud of the Air dopes 411 is made of plastic, with the insides having a slightly glossy finish compared to the outer matte finish. The ear tips are angled so that they can easily slip into your ear canals and create good seals. Each earbud has a single button with the Boat logo and a multi-colour LED below. The latter is used for checking the earbuds’ charging and pairing status.

Boat Pods 402

Ride through the highest waves of Nirvana on your boat air dopes 402 wireless earbuds. Drown in your favourite rhythm with its immersive 10mm drivers and boat Signature Sound. Its IWP technology and Bluetooth v5.2 offer a seamless and wireless listening experience. Let nothing come between you and your music with its massive 30HRS of playback. Even if you manage to exhaust your battery, ASAP charge empowers you with another 60 minutes of playback within 5 minutes of an order. Let your thoughts echo clear and loud with Next technology that ensures crystal precise voice delivery. Navigating through your music and calls is a breeze with Easy Touch Controls. Do it all and more with air dopes 402.

Air Dopes – The Top Rated Bluetooth Ear Buds in the Market

Air Dopes - The Top Rated Bluetooth Ear Buds in the Market

Air dopes offer the most incredible listening experience with a revolutionary design. Truly in-ear wireless with no cables, no connectors, and no hassles. Designed for comfort and unstoppable music, always remain on your toes as air dopes bring you the scoops tech!

Welcome to the new era of seamless, instant connection. Powered with the boat’s Instar Wake n’ Pair technology & ASAP Fast Charge, these true wireless earbuds power on and connect instantly right out of the charging case. No more going into settings to find and pair the device.

Airdrops are designed and perfected for superior calls and entertainment. Boat airdrops come with passive and active noise cancellation technology that cancels out external noise, delivering only the sound of your media to your ears. No longer will there be any interference from external sources. These wireless earbuds come with massive drivers that deliver superior sound, unmatched and inimitable.

Made from fine and premium materials, these Bluetooth earbuds are made comfortable and secure. You can choose from various silicone tips to adjust accordingly and ensure a supreme and comfortable fit based on how you want your experience to be.

Love adventure? Airdrops are here for you. Air dopes rugged and sturdy, able to take on anything thrown at it. The IPX rating ensures all the mechanical parts are tightly enclosed in an airtight housing that prevents water, and sweat from seeping into the earbuds. No longer do you have to worry about damaging a device. Make the best of your day without worry.

Airdrops are perfect for WFH calls or meetings: Microphones are placed in critical locations on the earbuds that accurately pick up your voice while cancelling out background noise. The result is a clear and crisp voice and a consistent experience. Moreover, with the latest Bluetooth technology, pairing instantly with multiple devices while switching between those devices has never easier. Simplicity and elegance define airdrops.

Boat Pods 411 Performance

The airdrops 411 have a comfortable fit and don’t stick out too much from your ears. We found the medium-sized wings and ear tips to offer the most secure fit for us, even when running or jogging. The ear tips also offer excellent passive noise isolation, which is especially lovely when travelling through busy areas, such as a metro station. As soon as you insert the earbuds into your ears, you’ll get a little voice prompt telling you that they are ready to pair or are already connected to a device. The same goes for when you turn them off.

We tested the air dopes 411 for about a week with different devices, ranging from a MacBook Air to an iPhone XR (Review) and a Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Review). We used multiple music sources, too, including Spottily, Apple Music, and our high-resolution FLAC files.

Design and Battery Life of Boat Pods

You first notice the sleek look with the boat air dopes 201. While Noise Shots X-Buds and Fingers Audio Pods have a stem design, the boat air dopes 201 are all about their earbuds. These earbuds have a clean look that stays comfortably in your ears. It comes in only one colour, which is a mixture of black and grey. The boat also includes extra ear tips and a fin to keep the buds in your ears securely. With these, you will find a comfortable fit without any issues. When placed next to other budgets’ true wireless earbuds, the boat air dopes 201 is simple and unassuming. On the exterior, it has a button that acts as a control to play or pause music or accept phone calls, followed by the boat’s logo. Also Read – Fingers Audio Pods Review: This Air Pods look-alike is impressive.

Sound Quality, Battery Life, and Connectivity

As observed in my review of Fingers Audio Pods or Noise Shots X-Buds, the sound quality takes a back seat with truly wireless earbuds. While that remains the case with boat air dopes 201, it also offers a perfect balance between convenience and audio experience. These earbobs, which pack 10mm, dynamic drivers, are great for listening to Indian music. Every time I played A R Rahman, Shankar Mahadevan, or even Aright Singh, the sound was natural. The bass with these tiny earbuds is not punchy, but there is a subtle element. They come into their own when you listen to music suited to these form factors.


Every industry has one company that can label as a disruptor. These disruptors generally have limited exposure initially and grow to become something big. In India, Xiao is the disruptor in the smartphone space. And also, In the audio area, that crown has to go boating. It is valid for boats and their audio products. In the past few years, boat products have become commonplace. If Xiao entered Indian households with Redman, then ship became commonplace on Indian ears with Rocker.

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