Catra Short Hair

Catra Short Hair, Catra and Adora were childhood friends who grew up together on “The Horde”, an evil force that fights the Rebellion and trains young cadets and soldiers. Even as children, they were always together. They played, cheered for each other, and explored places in the Dread Zone.

One day, they became curious and entered the Black Grenade Chamber, where Shadow Weaver trapped them. He let Adora run but paralyzed Catra and verbally punished her with brutal and intimidating words. Adora expressed her to stop, but Shadow Weaver continued. When she couldn’t take it anymore, Adora jumped in front of Catra, prompting Shadow Weaver to let them go. This event seems to have traumatized Catra. As it is one of her memories that she sees in the Crystal Castle.

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Catra was always jealous that Adora was everyone’s favorite and the best of the cadets, even though she overreacted and acted like she was okay with being second. Adora bought it and never realized how frustrated Catra was. Later in the series, when Catra breaks down due to these pent-up feelings of jealousy, Adora promises that she never loved being her favorite and that she didn’t want to make her feel that way, but Catra is suspicious of her statement.

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Season 2

After the Horde’s defeat at the Battle of Bright Moon, Catra and Adora become more serious about trying to bring down each other’s factions. In the episode “White Out”, Catra learns from Entrata that She-Ra can lose her powers when she uses a First One’s data disk against her. When Adora appears to stop Catra’s group from gathering the First Ones’ technology. Catra uses the data disk on the sword of protection but remains nearly overpowered when an infected She-Ra goes insane and attacks friends and foes alike. Catra panics and asks Adora to stop before Scorpio can subdue Adora.

Scorpia then takes it upon herself to protect Adora, and while she is still in her infected mindset. Adora can guess a door’s access code because it is Catra’s favorite number. When monsters attack the facility with the same infection as Adora. Catra refuses to break the data disk and gives up on Adora.

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session 3

Adora and Catra do not meet again until Hordock sends Catra to the Crimson Waste on a suicide mission as punishment for Shadow Weaver’s escape. As Catra takes over as gang leader in the Waste. Adora, Bow, and Glimmer begin searching the First One tech area. Unaware that Catra is in the area.

Catra and his newly formed gang capture Adora while on the First’s ship. As Catra teases Adora about taking her back to the Horde to win Horde’s favor back. She discovers that Shadow Weaver is now in Bright Moon. Knowing that the Shadow weaver has again chosen Adora over her. Catra is so distraught and irritated that she dismisses the possibility of a happy life in the Crimson Waste with Scorpio. Instead deciding to return to the Horde so they can finish their weapon. Of the portal. And destroy the Revolt once and for all.


Catra is a character that hated not being in control like the user wrote. And often she wasn’t in control, even when she thought she was. But, according to showrunner Noelle Stevenson, she just wanted to give Catra short hair because she knew she’d look good in it. “It was hard to sell, in some ways.

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