What are Hair Extensions?

The best way to get long, spectacular locks is to upkeep your natural hair, never use heat fashioning, and never touch it with colour. But who wants to do that?! Instead of becoming a slave to their hair, many women are turning to hair extensions to add luscious capacity and mermaid length to their hair.

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

There are a few clothes to look for when trying to find a good hair foundation. Be cautious; not each company is 100% honest about the class of their hair.

What Does work do it?

Many companies boast that their hair is 100% Remy’s, but what does that mean? Remy’s hair is authentic human hair that is very healthy and gathered with all the roots at the top and ends at the bottom. You can treat Remy’s hair as if it were growing from your scalp. You can wash, colour, and heat style it; it lasts much longer than artificial hair!

Non-Remy hair will mass or shed over time; actual Remy hair does not. To ensure your source has 100% Remy hair (and no synthetic hair mixed in at all), look for recent reviews from other consumers.

Types of  Hair Extensions

Types of  Hair Extensions

Another thing to consider is which request method suits your existence the best.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

The “old-school” method of connecting semi-permanent hair is where the creator sews wefts of hair to attached micro braids. Though this method often applies to natural hair, it is possible to sew extensions into more delicate, straighter hair.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

This is the newest semi-permanent hair extension, and most stylists prefer this technique. Two thin layers of wefts double-decker your natural elements, then heated to seal the bond. Do not wash the hair for three days after installation to ensure the adhesive is secure.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

These are the most effortless extensions to apply and remove. For the women who like to change their hairstyle every other night, this is the style of hair extensions to reach for.

Go from big mermaid waves to a lovely bob in a few minutes, or add short wefts collar clip-ins for a funky “nightly on the town” look. Possibilities are endless with clip-ins!

Cost Comparisons

For the most cost-conscious consumer, the clip-in hair extensions will get you the most bang for your buck. Because they are transferable, clip-in extensions will last elongated than those stuck to your hair because they are not as quick to get dirty or damaged. Even if you are choosing clip-ins, recall looking for authentic Remy hair so you can colour and style it like your natural hair.

Treatment of Hair Extensions

There is an effortless and quick way to increase the distance of your hair. They are also a boundless way to add colour to your hair without hiring your natural hair to go through any chemical treatment. If you are unfortunate with the size of your hair, compatible hair extensions can be added to your existing hair through this non-surgical procedure. People also get hair extensions to add ampleness to their hair. Choose the one that looks like your natural hair the maximum.

How is the Treatment Done?

Artificial hair is available in different types. There is hair made from synthetic fibres like future. Future can endure heat up to 400°F. You also have the option to choose from hair extensions made from natural human hair. There are many, unlike ways to install hair extensions. Pinch braid extensions are individual locks of hair that are tied to the existing hair with a durable thread.

Benefits of Stylist Installed Hair Extensions

Clip-on come in various colours, lengths, and styles. You can opt for a humanoid or synthetic clip-on postponement.

Plus points: Clip-on hair postponements give you a change of look deprived of harmful to your natural hair. “They are easy and quick to apply, usually taking five to seven minutes,” says beauty expert Sylvia Chen. “Furthermore, if you’re not very comfortable, you can immediately pull them out,” she adds.

Red flags: These clip-on hair postponements need to be detached before you go to bed. You cannot slumber or swim with these. So you might not want to opt for them if you’re preparing to wear them daily; you’d have to follow the routine of attaching them every morning and removing them before sleeping.

Linking: Longer-lasting extensions are added to ordinary hair with metal ornaments or keratin tubing. In this progression, the hair is attached to a small circle or tube clamped onto authentic hair pieces.

Plus points: Causes minimal hurt to your natural hair as no adhesives or solvents use. Red flags: They can challenging to remove. Also, adding additional weight to the hair can untie the strands after a few washes.

Bonding: Bonding or glueing is a temporary interlacing method and usually contains longer hair wefts.

Plus points: This method is fast to do.

Bloodshot streamers: Mane allowances attached this way do not last also long.

Fusing: Hot fusion includes braiding extensions into natural hair and closeness them with a wax adhesive. Recently, cold-fusion postponements made of 100% human hair have also introduces.

Real Human Hair Extensions

Real Human Hair Extensions

Before getting into the different types of hair application methods, the first thing you need to know about hair is that they come in natural human hair and synthetic extensions. So, what is the difference between them?

Basics of Hair Extensions

Natural hair, of course, is the extension type that will look the most ideal and ‘real’ but it also faces the problems that any real hair faces – frizziness, etc. It can with natural hair or with synthetic fibres that emulate hair. It is made of synthetic fibres that are more durable but have a plastic-y look. Natural is costlier than synthetic hair extensions but last longer.

Find the Best Hair Texture

Everyone has different care of hair texture. People can have curly hair, conventional hair, wavy hair, thick, thin, and everything between. To make sure hair postponements mixture in and look natural, the postponements should competition the feel of the natural hair.

The origin of the hair rummage sale in the postponements can significantly alter. Hair from China and India is more likely to be thick strands, and Russian hair is a bit finer.


Have you always wanted a major hair switch-up? Extensions are the best way to change things up to create a fuller, longer, or more voluminous style and are the most non-committal way to achieve a game-changing hair makeover. But if you’re a neophyte, the world of extensions can be scary and confusing. There are many kinds in the market, but we spoke to celebrity hairstylists Florian Hurel and Nishtha Malik, founder of Beaux, about the two most popular categories you can pick between now and how to care for them.

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