Memory Hacks: How to Overcome Thinking Traps and Learn Quickly, Easily, and With Pleasure – Our brains are capable of real miracles: they can work tirelessly, generate new neural connections, and come up with fantastic scenarios. Its capabilities depend only on how often, varied, and balanced it works. At the same time, there are thinking traps, or so-called cognitive distortions that help make quick decisions but rely on stereotypes, incorrectly processed information, and various misconceptions. How to optimally utilize the brain’s capabilities? To learn easily, with pleasure, by developing flexibility, attention, and speed of thinking?  

Use Mental Maps

You can systematize your thoughts with the help of an excellent tool for visualizing thinking, mental maps. Invented in the last century, they are actively used by many people in business, creativity, and other spheres, even while betting at The main goal is to structure the course of thought in the most understandable form and further actively use where required. Memorization occurs through the process of drawing. The more detailed the image, the better the information is digested.  

Maps are schemes of ideas and different topics, with the help of which complex concepts can be broken down into simple and accessible ones, traced the connections between them, highlighting the main and secondary. There are many ideas for creating mind maps. It’s important to experiment, find effective and understandable techniques.  

How to diversify the process of creating maps?  

  • Use bright colors. The parts of the brain that are responsible for color and graphic primitives will be involved in the process.
  • Draw not on the computer but by yourself. This will help involve the large parts of the brain responsible for fine motor skills.  
  • For better memorization, engage your emotions. While drawing, say what you have learned out loud, use association, memories, and gesticulate.
  • Use notes, but don’t overdo it with text. The main thing in mind maps is the visual series. It’s better to experiment with design and come up with different symbolism.

Understand and Memorize

Most people perceive the learning process as a monotonous and boring activity. As a result, many parents cannot help their children in middle and high school because their memory does not reproduce anything.  

How to memorize something quickly and easily? The most important thing is that the topic should be interesting. It should also be useful. Third, it should be of some value. If all the introductions are met, the next step is to explain and retell. This always helps, even if not all the subtleties are internalized. Instead of memorizing, read it aloud and retell it to a small child, a friend, a piece of paper, or the audience of your blog or channel — with details and primitive examples — so that it’s understandable.

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Exercise Your Memories

It sounds implausible, but experts assure: the more often you practice the skill, the better your memory will improve. 

The focus of attention shouldn’t be on memorizing something but on reproducing information from the past. For example, you often baked cookies as a child and even wrote down the recipe in a notebook. You don’t need to run to look for the record or a similar recipe on the Web. It’s more useful for the brain to remember the list of ingredients. It will be difficult for the first time. If you often restore in your memory the knowledge you once received, new ones will be memorized and structured easier.   

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Apply the 10-Minute Technique

Being lazy is one of the brain’s favorite pastimes. That’s why procrastination is a familiar condition to many. To prevent procrastination from becoming a principle of life, it’s important to take control of the situation. Otherwise, a slight laziness can later grow into psychological discomfort, guilt, and stress. A simple way to negotiate with yourself is to tell yourself: I will do it only for 10 minutes, and further, you won’t want to stop doing something you enjoy. It’s only important to negotiate with your brain daily, not once in a while.

Study Words

Any foreign language is great for brain development. And the proper replenishment of vocabulary plays a key role in this. Memorization is real violence on the brain. And it will try to forget any violence, since it’s a negative experience. So, any method that imposes something on the brain will work the same way. The main thing about learning new words and phrases is ease and unobtrusiveness. So, the most ideal option is to read aloud what is interesting, watch movies, TV series, and commercials, and listen to podcasts in the original language.  

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