What are Men’s Accessories?

Fashion oscillates between what is considered masculine and feminine, and now that social norms of style are blurring, even more so. The history of men’s accessories is fascinating. What are today thought of as “women’s items” were in many cases invented and developed for men? Savarin knights already wore high heels back in the 15th century so that their feet fit well in the stirrups, and later European aristocrats did so to appear taller and more majestic. There was a time when makeup, rouge, and substantial white wigs dominated among European men.

What Areas of Men’s Accessories do we cover?

We design and sell everything men need to look good, except clothing and personal hygiene products.

Our list of accessories includes bags, beard care products, belts, bow ties, bracelets, suspenders, prescription glasses, cufflinks, earrings, gloves, hats, lapel pins, necklaces, ties, pocket squares, rings, scarves, shaving products, sunglasses, tie clips, wallets, and watches.

With over 6,500 products available, you’re sure to find something you like here.

Types of Men’s Accessories

1. Bags

Bags are a practical way to carry various small things. Some are intended for a single purpose, such as a laptop or toiletry bag, while others, such as backpacks or travel bags, can be used for multiple purposes.

Showing Montreal Tan Leather Executive 15″ Laptop Bag, Black & Tan Tarp Sawyer Backpack & Blue & Tan Tarp Saul Crossbody Bags.

2. Shaving and Beard Care

Shaving and Beard Care

A good shave is what separates men from boys. Or maybe a good shave turns men into boys? The answer depends on how much hair grows on the face of the man you ask. Shaving and beard care products are staples for modern men. There is no more professional way to get a close shave than using a sharp razor with a leather strop and classic soap whipped in a shaving bowl and applied with your ebony-handled badger hair brush.

Showing Danish Winds Beard Balm, Danish Forest Beard Shampoo, Danish Rum Beard Oil 10ml, Men’s Refined Shaving Brush & Sleek Black Disposable Blade Stainless Steel Razor

3. Belts

Belts are strips of leather or canvas specifically designed to be inserted into the belt loops of jeans or dress pants. The colour can enhance your suit or other accessories and the metal buckle can complement watches, rings, and necklaces. But, they can do much more than keep your pants in place.

A leather belt should always match the other leather pieces (such as shoes and a bag, for example). And, if it is canvas, its colour must match the different colours of the suit.

4. Panaretos

Bow ties are strips of fabric that go under the collar of your shirt and tie in the front, covering the top button. Did you know that there are wooden bow ties? They are so much fun and will make you stand out from the crowd at your next formal event.

5. Clock


This is one of the most influential men’s accessories. And it is that it quickly improves your look without much effort. If you wear it with a t-shirt, I advise you not to use one with a metal strap, since its elegant style can go a little crazy with its informal style. If you wear this men’s accessory with a t-shirt, try using it with a leather or fabric strap.

Backpacks as Accessories

Leather-type backpacks marry spectacularly with all kinds of t-shirt looks. They also have two beneficial aspects. One is that these men’s accessories give you a place to store your keys, wallet, and cell phone. With the tight pants that are on-trend, it’s an incredible relief.

1. Tie

Perhaps it is the most common and reviled male accessory in history. With its more than 100 years of existence, the tie has been a symbol of power and rejection, although it has never disappeared as the icing on the cake of formality.

2. Pocket


Are you tired of leaving your cell phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses? In these times, when you need to leave the house with five chargers, two computers, and even a power generator, it’s time for you to get the bag. If you are sceptical, you can always opt for one with a more classic look.

3. Keychain

Like a CIA investigator, a keychain can say a lot about you. For example, the one you wear says that you shop at the Argon zeal butcher shop. Or that other one, that your aunt Pure was in Benidorm, and you haven’t bothered to change it since then. With a sober keychain, you will always hit the target.

4. Twins

The battle cry of Mike Ross and Harvey Spectre has arrived in your closet, so you are in dire need of some cufflinks. As Sinatra said: cufflinks always look good. They are inversely proportional in size to their importance in a suit. King Louis XIV collected them ostentatiously. You at least have to have a pair.

 5. Lighter

A GQ man should never leave the house without carefully studying what he has in his pockets. He may smoke or not smoke, or only sporadically when he goes out to party. But he can’t leave the house without a lighter. The lighter is the key that will open the doors of conversations… and who knows if there are any more.


Men have been wearing accessories since the beginning of civilization, such as  Egyptian signet rings, or Polynesian pearl bracelets.