Mushroom With Eyes

What enchanted mushrooms do to your body and brain

Mushroom With Eyes, There is evidence that tripping over magic mushrooms can free the mind.

Several small studies have linked the psychoactive substance in mushrooms (illegal) to several purported health benefits, counting the ability to help alleviate anxiety and depression.

But like any medicine, mushrooms also carry risks. And because they’re classified as Schedule 1 — meaning they “have no approved medical use” — it’s difficult for scientists to figure out precisely what they can and cannot do.

Here are some of the ways we know mushrooms can affect your brain and body:

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Clear Quartz Crystal Mushroom

Forged by Mother Earth from mineral-rich solutions in rock cavities, precious crystals have remained associated with healing power and energy. Clear quartz crystals help you to absorb positive energy while expelling negative energy and, like their clear structure, bring clarity of thought and determination.

Each crystal mushroom is hand-ground and polished from a single solid stone by skilled Northwest artisan Jim Lind to optimize its natural properties. It measures approximately 1.50″ – 2.00″ in length and 1.00″ – 1 .50″ wide. Place this unique gift from Mother Earth on your desk or nightstand, or hold it in your palm to help you relax and find inner peace, letting healing energy flow through your being.

Each order also comes with a unique digital tutorial on this tool.

Gently pressing and rolling the mushrooms in a circular motion can help reduce puffiness around the eyes. This massage tool can also help reduce wrinkles, dark circles, and blood circulation around the sensitive eye area. We tend to abandon the muscles around the eyes, especially those who spend hours in front of a screen.


Rolling in a circular motion or eyelid the eyes and in the brown area around the eyes reduces fatigue.

Follow our digital guide for the best results.


After cleansing and toning, use oil cosmetics on damp skin. It also helps face oil to absorb better. Rose quartz helps keep the product’s temperature cool for massage. Do this once a day.

Rose Quartz is a grit of unconditional love and self-care.

Bring rose quartz into your heart and meditate with gratitude. Clear your mind. As you focus on your breath, breathe in love and let go of the resentments and negativity buried deep within you. You recognize your own need for sympathy, forgiveness and self-understanding.

How to Care

Rose quartz should remain kept out of the sun to prevent color fading. Clean cosmetics with alcohol or water after each use.


We have seen mushrooms in many different guises; hiding in forests, taking over meadows, and in the comfort of our own yards – but have you ever seen a mushroom with eyes? Well, we may have a surprise for you – let’s get started!

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