New Beauty Trend Alert

Skin Cloud, The latest beauty trend, Cloud Skin, was created initially by M.A.C Cosmetics Global Senior Artist Dominique Skinner. Cloud skin is the opposite of glass skin. It’s soft, dark, and light, with no overall glare but soft focus.

Cloudy skin in 5 Simple StepsSkin Cloud

True to its name, the finish on your skin should resemble the pleasant, hazy glow that rises between clouds and a blue sky on a hot summer day. The key to getting cloudy skin right is finding the perfect balance between your skin’s layered textures – dewy, glossy and matte. Here, we have an easy guide that you can follow to get the cloud skin look.

1. Regarding the preparation of the cloud skin

As with any skincare trend, preparation is critical. This is where the glow factor comes into play. Start by prepping your skin with an intensely hydrating and nourishing moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer enriched with hyaluronic acid for a smooth, smooth finish. Note that the cloud skin has a smoother appearance.

2. Stick with the base

The next step is at your base. Use a luminous foundation to perform this look, but don’t apply it all over your face. Instead, place the foundation around your face and blend gently with your thumb. Helps create a matte, hazy finish.

3. Apply some Translucent Powder

Where you put your powder is even more critical. Take a translucent powder and a soft brush and lightly dust the powder into the areas where you want your foundation to be. Key areas include the hollows of cheeks, the hairline of the centre of the forehead, along the nose and chin, inner corners of the eyes. Choose the areas you want to matte to create a natural contrast with the wetter spots, such as a cloud.

4. Highlighting is Key

The finishing touch to the cloud skin trend is how you stand out. Easy to transport. So, think of this step as adding sunlight to an already glowing complexion. Be sure to use a light, shine-free highlighter and gently blend the highlighter into your foundation.

5. Finish with Blush

Choose a tinted balm or blush if you want to inject some natural color. The only general rule of thumb is that your product must be shine-free. Apply color to cheeks, lips and eyes.

A Makeup Technique for a Renaissance Painting Look

As we’ve all been erudite in the last year, glowing skin generally doesn’t translate well to zoom. Instead, you can mix brightness-enhancing products with blur and soft focus to create more dimension and keep the glow bright without looking wet while on camera.

It looks great in real life, too: “Cloud skin describes a soft, light-touch skin texture that is shiny, shiny, and reflective, unlike classy skin. The former stands diffused, delicately opaque, easy to create and fits everyone,” shares Dominic Skinner, Senior Global Artist, M.A.C Cosmetics.

A makeup artist coined the term in March, noting that runway-appropriate foundation makeup has a smooth, light, fluffy effect that is always wearable. “Cloudy skin is more radiant thanks to a blend of products that deliver a balance between radiant glow and soft-focus blur, a trend that gives your skin a real-life, subtle, filtered finish,” he says.

“The trick to this trend is layering a few key products with a mix of pearl and matte finishes to build your cloud skin. Combine brightening moisturizers with smooth, velvety foundations, and you get a soft-focus finish that shines where you want it,” he confirms.


Cloud skin is basically the opposite of Glass skin. It focuses more on soft-focus, hazy, lit-from-within look, rather than an insane, all-over glow. True to its name, the finish on your skin should look similar to the ethereal, hazy glow that emerges between the clouds and a blue sky on a warm summer day.