What is Tarkov Disease History?

Escape from Tarkov’s patch 0.12.11 has added a couple of new quests to the game. Disease History is a search given by EFT’s trader, Therapist. The therapist wants you to find two medical journals located in the medical building on Reserve. The medical facility is marked with a white Bishop, and it’s right across the road from the “Barter” building, also known as the White Queen.

To complete this quest, you will need two keys, which are expensive on the FLEA market during the early wipe. If you’re lucky enough and manage to get them, you’ll be able to finish the quest much more accessible. But before we jump to the locations and other stuff, let’s see the quest dialogue first.

What is Tarkov Disease?

Disease History is a challenging quest in Escape from Tarkov. This quest requires a lot of skill and patience. To complete the quest, you must obtain 2 Medical Journals on Reserve. To save time and nerves, you can buy Disease History quest completion on boostingexperts.com.

Abstraction of Safest Way

Go outside the White Bishop Building and see the White King Building on the other side of the road. This is opposite the Scav Lands Extraction so you might confuse it for the Black Bishop Building, besides your building.

Hug outside the White King Building and run straight until you see the camping tents. Turn right and follow the tents to avoid the fences because you will be going straight to the Sewer Manhole Extraction.

This extraction does require you to throw your bag away, so this is why it was mentioned earlier not to bring a bag and focus on other quests.

Escape from Tarkov Disease History Details

tarkov disease history

To complete the Escape from Tarkov Disease History task, you’ll need to head onto Reserve, pick up the two Medical Records, and hand them over to the Therapist after extracting them safely.

The reward for completing this quest is 7200 EXP, +0.03 Therapist rep, 30,000 Roubles, one Grizzly medical kit, one Ibuprofen Painkillers, and five CALOK-B hemostatic applicators.

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Escape from Tarkov Disease History Guide

The most challenging part of completing the Escape from Tarkov Disease History task is procuring the two keys needed to unlock the rooms where the medical records live. The two keys in question are the RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key. Unfortunately, unlike a couple of other quests, there is no way to barter for these keys, sky leaving it entirely up to luck whether you find them. The ‘easiest’ way to obtain them is to buy them at the Flea Market, but depending on the wiping stage, it can be extortionately expensive. Your best bet otherwise is to look in the jackets, pockets, and bags of Scabs.

How to Complete the Quest?

It is necessary to find two journals on the Reserve and hand them over to the Therapist. Both journals are located on the second floor of the hospital (Building with a drawing of a chess piece of a white bishop) behind closed doors.

To access the rooms, you need

  • RB-KSM key
  • And
  • RB-SMP key.
  • The first journal (RB-KSM) lies on the shelf on the left, on the shelf below;
  • The second journal (RB-SMP) lies on the floor between the cabinets on the right;
  • Next, you need to leave the location alive and hand the journal to the Therapist.


Disease History is a challenging quest in Escape from Tarkov. And also, To complete the quest, you must obtain 2 Medical Journals on Reserve. Regular players can take days to complete the Disease History Tarkov. Our Experts can complete it within 2 – 4 hours. You will also be able to watch everything live to ensure it’s being conducted by hand without any additional software.