Techno Gamerz: People who enjoy techno games are those who have an interest in both technology and gaming. Are you one among them like me?

Techno-games often involve futuristic themes, advanced technology, and a combination of virtual and real-world elements. These games attract diverse audiences, including those who appreciate science fiction, futuristic settings, and cutting-edge technology.

OverviewTechno Gamerz UC

Techno Gamerz is a popular Indian gaming YouTuber and content creator. His real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia, and he creates content related to gaming, particularly Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). Techno Gamerz has gained a significant following on YouTube for entertaining and informative gaming videos. You can also find him on Instagram and Twitter, where he has millions of followers.

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About Ujjwal Chaurasia

Name                      Ujjwal Chaurasia

Date of birth          12 January 2002

Age                           22

Nationality              India

Disciplines              Gaming

Followers                2.8 Million

Total Videos           991

Net Worth               $2 million

Nationality              Indian

Residence               New Delhi, India

YouTube                  36.9 million         10,612,946,539 views

Instagram               2.8 million

Known for              Techno Gamerz: India’s leading gaming personalities.

Key Points About Techno Gamerz

Began journey in gaming – In the mid-2010s

He quickly amassed a huge following because of his engaging content.

He was among the first generation of gamers who began researching multiple titles.

And also, he was among the Indian gaming pioneers who ventured into tutorial-making for budding amateur gamers.

As per Net Worth Spot, the Techno Gamerz YouTube channel makes an estimated $8.16 million annually.

How Did the Interest Begin in Him?

From childhood, he had a love for gaming. He would take someone else’s mobile to play or spend hours on the family PC. Then he realized that people upload their gaming videos online. With the encouragement of his friends, he started making tutorial videos for his friends.

He did not realize then that he could turn his love for gaming into a profession. Spurred on by his brother’s support – who lent him his smartphone to play games whenever needed- he knew how to monetize a YouTube gaming channel. He launched his Techno Gamerz channel in August 2017. And, he found a second YouTube channel titled Ujjwal in January 2018.

He managed his career by dividing his time between developing games and continuing his studies.

At 18, his first music, “Game On,” gave him 10 million subscribers.

Minecraft is a famous game that children love to watch and play.

Popular Games

GTA V, Minecraft, Ranch Simulator, Garena FreeFire, Red Dead Redemption 2, PUBG, and many more. His engaging voiceover style, family-friendly persona, and inventive mod-based storytelling have stood out in the Indian gaming industry, helping him rise quickly as one of the most popular gamers in India.


As of April 2022, he has amassed over 26 million subscribers on the Techno Gamerz channel and over 7.63 million on the Ujjwal channel.

He has also diversified his interests by venturing into hip-hop, recording a song titled ‘Game On’ with acclaimed Indian producer Sez on the Beat.

The song has over 62 million views on the Techno Gamerz YouTube channel.


Techno games often involve simulation and strategy elements, attracting players who enjoy planning, managing resources, and solving complex problems in a technological context. Players enjoy exploring virtual worlds featuring advanced societies, space exploration, and high-tech environments.