Beard Growth Roller

A derma roller is a tool containing a cylinder-shaped head spikey with tiny needles devoted to a grip that you roll across parts of your face. This results in small punctures to the skin layer, which has been found to stimulate the skin’s natural formation of collagen.

Derma rollers have addressed various skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation and scarring. This tool has grown from being used exclusively as an in-office procedure with your dermatologist or aesthetician to an at-home treatment from retailers like Amazon.

What Are Beard Rollers?Beard Growth Roller

Rd. Dennis Gross, a Panel Certified Dermatologist in New York, clarifies that beard rollers are another name for at-home micro-needling devices. It is a hand-held device with a roller with many tiny needles on its surface—similar to the average derma roller.

But with a giant head, according to Rd. Rachel Mailman, a board-certified dermatologist practising at Murmur Medical in New York, “Beard rollers are simply a derma-planning device. The tool the similar mechanics nonetheless are envisioned to stimulate hair growth.”

How Do They Work?

“When [a beard roller] is rolled ended the skin, it creates tiny puncture injuries,” says Rd. Gross. “The neutral of these puncture wounds signals an injury response in the skin, which increases collagen production—key to healthy hair growth. It can be used to deliver active constituents that plump, hydrate or stimulate collagen.”

Can They Help With Beard Growth Rollers?

Rd. Ryan Turner, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, says, “Some data suggests the benefits of micro-needling in scalp hair loss, then it has not stayed deliberate in beard growth.” He energies on to say that anecdotal reports propose that derma rolling may positively affect beard growth.

Rd. Mailman is skeptical about the effectiveness of beard rollers in triggering hair growth on the face and cautions us that there is little technical evidence that supports derma rollers being capable of promoting beard growth. “The jury is still out,” she says.

How to Usage a Beard Roller For Best Results

Suppose you do decide to try using a beard roller at home, Rd. Mailman has several tips to help avoid a bad experience:

Look at the size of the needle. “The size of the needle should dictate the safe occurrence of use. Larger needles (0.5 mm) must only be used once or double a week, whereas persons that are slighter (i.e., 0.25 mm) can be used more often,” she says.

Shower your roller beforehand of treatment. Maim also recommends laundry the derma breaker after each use and washing it with rubbing alcohol.

Avoid smearing too much Pressure While Using the Roller.

Reel the implement spinal and forth in both directions in various planes (horizontal and vertical outlines and slanting lines) for a consistent pattern throughout the beard. “A rule of thumb is to roll ten times in each plane,” she says. “It’s important to letter that, when changing directions or planes, the roller should be lifted—rather than twisted—to avoid skin injury.”

What to Look For In a Beard Growth Roller

Rd. Maim recommends looking for rollers containing around 0.5-0.75mm needles. “They are more well-organized at reaching the follicles and stimulating collagen production,” she says. “Those smaller (0.25mm) will rouse blood flow by way of the microcirculation but are incomplete in providing any added benefits owing to their shallow penetration depth.”

How Derma Rollers may help Beard Growth?

How Derma Rollers may help Beard Growth?

The effectiveness of micro-needling in improving skin health is well established.

There has been some research by Trusted Source noting micro needling’s success at promoting scalp hair growth, but there is a little scientific study into how much derma rollers can help beard growth.

A 2016 study by Trusted Source, however, did suggest that monoxide (Rogaine) may help beard growth slightly. A 2017 Trusted Source study also found that micro-needling had promise in treating hair loss, especially when paired with other therapies like monoxide and topical steroids.


Because derma rollers pierce the skin, they are associated with some risks. Initially, you may notice some skin annoyance — redness and irritation — but these side effects should disappear after a few days.

You may also have minor bleeding. If the bleeding is excessive, you may persist the roller too firmly against your skin.

Tips on behalf of Using Derma Rollers for Beard Growth

The size of the pointers on derma breakers varies. Smaller, 0.25 mm needles can be second-hand more often. More extensive tips (0.5 mm) should only used once or twice weekly. You will want to allow your skin to repair itself between treatments.

Other tips for derma rolling include:

When starting, look for a derma roller with fewer, moderately than more, needles on its surface. More needles on the roller mean a better chance of pulling the skin.

1. Wash your Skin and Beard Before Micro-Needling

Apply only as much weight as you need to keep the indicators on the superficial of your skin. Micro-needling your cheeks may help fill each cheek with air, as you might do when shaving, to give the roller a firmer texture.

Roll the derma roller back and out in flat and vertical lines and diagonal lines in both directions for a reliable pattern throughout your beard. Evade micro-needling if you have acne, as this may further harm your skin and feast bacteria from blemishes to other parts of your face.

Clean your derma roller after each use by plummeting it in alcohol or spraying it with a disinfecting answer.

2. Expect to Substitute your Derma Roller Every Few Months

You may need to try it physically to realize how much a derma roller can fill in sure of person patchy expanses of your beard.

3. Other Beard Growth Strategies

If you’re observing for other ways to haste up beard growth, consider some of these lifestyle changes:

  • Exercise more often to further improve motion near your face.
  • Eat a regular diet centred on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy bases of iron and zinc.
  • Get more slumber and learn to manage your stress. A restored body is more likely to produce a fuller goatee.

4. Grow your Beard Effortlessly

Collagen is a protein that promotes hair growth and maintains a healthy hair structure. Our derma roller for beard growth uses tiny needles to prick your dermis. In this process, your skin damage promotes healing and collagen synthesis. ‘s micro-needling kit enc

5. Beda Maintenances Made Easier

Thanks to our derma roller for beard growth 0.3mm needles, ergonomic design, and wiggle-free head, the microneedle roller offers precise and bloodless microdermabrasion. And also, It has the ideal grip and needle count to help you reactivate your skin’s natural regeneration process.

6. For Home or Professional Use

Sport a killer beard without spending big bucks on expensive hair growth treatments. Maximize the effectiveness of your beard growth serums, mousses, and shampoos with the help of a simple tool you can use in front of your bathroom mirror. And also, This derma roller for beard growth can increase the skin’s absorption of topical skin care products.


If your beard isn’t coming in as bushie and complete as you would like, you may look for ways to boost beard growth. In new years, many men turn to derma rollers, devices that have uses to help treat acne scars, large pores, and creases for many years. And also, This process is known as micro-needling.

Micro-needling uses rollers covered in tiny titanium or stainless steel needles to stab the outer layer of skin to induce the manufacture of collagen in the skin.