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McLoud Technology regularly innovates printing equipment technology. Owns one of the most distinctive brands.

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Future of Mclaud Technology

McLoud creates a future using AI and analytics, curbing energy waste, maximizing energy production, and getting the most out of critical energy infrastructure. And also, Through mCloud’s AI-powered Asset Care platform, the company offers complete asset management solutions to three segments: innovative facilities, power generation, and process industries, including oil and gas. And also, Iota sensors bring data from connected assets into the cloud, where AI and analytics are applied to maximize performance.

Reality Capture Provides the Mclaud Technology

Reality Capture Provides the Mclaud Technology

Through a single intuitive interface, AssetCare 3D provides a single source of truth to help facilities manage daily performance, productivity, and the reliability and lifespan of assets.

mCloud is pleased to announce that it has commenced onboarding the first AssetCare Digital Oilfield solutions at well sites in the United States. And also, As the newly launched AssetCare Mobile, included in the Digital Oilfield solution, continues to grow, the company has also announced it has launched a new online store enabling customers to purchase AssetCare Mobile subscriptions.

The upstream industry has shaken. Assets have minimizes, regulations have changed, and more energy is needed.

The mCloud team is proud to sponsor and participate in the Reuters Data Driven Oil & Gas 2022 (June 14-15, Houston) to showcase how AssetCare can optimize operations, reduce costs, GHG emissions, and unplanned down time.

Proud to be the Title Sponsor at the Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ChM) Golf Tournament in Calgary today.

How to Contact the Mclaud Technology?

Our mCloud team is off to a great start and enjoying the beautiful weather. And also, Could you drop by and say hello to our team?

Up to 5% of the average energy production of a wind turbine can lose due to poorly maintained blades.

By combining autonomous drones and AI-enabled software, blade damage classification can be prioritise and maintained to maximize turbine uptime and profitability. And also, regarding ESG, most companies already have a lot of data but struggle to share their story with others.

AssetCare™ uses cutting-edge AI and the cloud to decarbonize your business and help you craft your ESG story by taking your asset performance to the next level.

Digitalization of your Management Systems

Digitalization of your Management Systems

Digitalizing your Management Systems on their own may sound like a mammoth task. And also, It is very attainable by using a solution that ensures sustainability and low life-cycle cost. tech innovation operations

Getting your work connect has always seemed time-consuming and capital intensive. So we have simplified the process for you!

AssetCare Mobile provides the software and digital tools your workers need to perform their daily tasks in real-time, helping to improve productivity and safety – all in one unique connected worker solution ready to get to work for you on day one.

Chantal Schultz, Chief Financial Officer, M Cloud, lends her expertise in this recent article from Oracle NetSuite on achieving success, the job, and what the future holds. And also, The finance accounting technology.

Mcloud Technology has Financial Results Ended

The Company will host a session call to discuss the financial results and outlook and financial investor investment earnings.

We are pleased to announce a three-year agreement to deliver the Company’s AssetCare solution. And also, The wind turbine performance analytics with a global wind power developer in Europe. And also, The solution uses cloud-based AI and digital twins to enable prescriptive maintenance. If And also, The wind turbines at over 40 wind farms represent approximately 1,200 MW in installed capacity across the UK and continental Europe. Sustainability renewable energy.


mCloud is an Iota-connected asset care cloud solution company utilizing connected IoT. If devices, leading deep energy analytics, and secure mobile and 3D technologies. It that rally all asset stakeholders around an Asset-Circle-of-Care, providing complete real‐time and historical. And also, The data is coupled with guidance and advice based on deep analytics and diagnostics. And also, If resulting in optimal performance and care of critical equipment.”

Mcloud has an exciting opportunity for an Iota engineer who will vital. And also, The advancing the innovative Iota services within mCloud’s Saabs product line, Asset Care.

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