Strawberry Lotion: How to Get Rid of the Dark Spots and Dots on Your Skin?

Strawberry Lotion, I’m not sure when we obviously call actual skin conditions by cute names like “chicken skin” and “strawberry legs. But here we are. And if you’re here, I’m guessing you’re looking for dark spots and red dots covering your legs (you know, like the seeds covering a strawberry?). So, to help you— and get the facts about your skin condition and help you quickly — I’ve contacted board-certified dermatologist Sophia Reed, MD, to help explain precisely what WTF strawberry legs are.

Why do I get “Strawberry Legs”?

First, let’s get straight: “Strawberry legs” is not scientific or technical. Shocking, I know. As said Dr Reed, “strawberry legs” is a term widely used to describe the appearance of red dots in the hair follicles. Which a few different things can cause:

Keratosis pilaris

If small red bumps also accompany your red or brown spots, you’re dealing with keratosis pilaris or KP (i.e. those same hard bumps on the back of your hands). Dr says keratosis pilaris is more common in people with dry skin or eczema. Reed remains caused by excessive accumulation of keratin in the hair follicles. Most people with “strawberry legs” their whole lives are dealing with keratosis pilaris – it’s annoying, it’s genetic.


If you have sudden, pimple-like bumps around your thighs or buttocks, you may have folliculitis —inflammation of the hair follicles due to friction. These tiny red dots can be whiteheads (like classic acne), although they usually don’t affect all hair follicles equally. So if you’re dealing with spots all over — every hair follicle on your shin and thigh looks dark or red — you’re probably dealing with KP, not folliculitis.

Different, Strawberry Lotion

If it’s not keratosis pilaris or folliculitis. Dr Reid says you’ll feel leakage from tiny capillaries under your skin. Or there may be red pimples, Or maybe razor burn. Or perhaps a dozen different things. Sorry, but the solitary way to ensure you have is to ask a dermatologist instead of Google Image Searching the Black Hole. “It’s hard to tell the cause of your red dots on your own, and because all treatments are different, you should see a board-certified dermatologist,” says Dr Read.

How do you get rid of “strawberry legs”?Strawberry Legs

Again. Treatment is contingent on the cause, so the first step to getting rid of your “strawberry legs” is to understand a board-certified dermatologist to control the reason. Suppose you suffer from keratosis pilaris or folliculitis. In that case, you can try a chemical exfoliator like salicylic acid lotion or glycolic acid-based soap to break up the bumps and smooth the skin. Note that keratosis pilaris is in your DNA, so there is no cure – only management.

Another tried and faithful standby? Lactic acid lotions gently exfoliate rough skin while moisturizing. Dr Reed recommends two drugstore options: Amastin Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion or Eucerin Roughness Relief Cream. Remember: All chemical exfoliants containers make your skin more sensitive to sunburn (yes, even after cleansing), so sunscreen is essential.

Should You Use a “Strawberry Legs” Scrub?

When you have bumps, Strawberry Lotion the natural tendency is to pick. Scratch, rub, and rub, but this only worsens your current condition. Regardless of what you’re dealing with, Dr Reid cautions against over-exfoliating with harsh scrubs and drying treatments, which almost always exacerbate the skin condition. It may also remain a good idea to avoid dry brushing areas with thin skin, such as the inner thighs, and to avoid aggressive dry brushing in general.

Are “strawberry legs” permanent?

I don’t want to repeat myself, but it all depends on the reason for your “strawberry legs”. However, folliculitis and keratosis pilaris can remain treated. The latter runs in families and is a hereditary condition (yay! Thanks Mom and Dad!). Meaning it can’t remain prevented, only managed. And you have to pay attention because if you stop the treatment. It will come back.


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